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Silver VS Steel

Sterling 925 silver and stainless steelĀ both giveĀ a shiny silvery look. This shiny silvery finish is not only highly attractive but also confusing for a lot people. Unless you have taken time to actually figure out the differences between some stainless steel and sterling silver in great detail, you might end up being one of the buyers who makes the wrong purchase decision based purely on the looks of a chain.
BesidesĀ the similarities in colour, stainless steel, and sterling silver haveĀ many differences. First, while sterling silver will tarnish, and lose its natural luster after a short time, stainless steel doesnā€™t tarnish. The appearance will never fade.
The aesthetic is also a difference, although most people will never actually notice unless they compare the 2 up-close.Ā Stainless steelā€™s finish is more of a "mirror-finish" while sterling silverā€™s finish is a lot glossier with no mirror effect. Silver will also look much lighter than steel, which can appear more grey.

(Sterling silver compared to steel)
Costs are a huge factor when choosing. Because silver is a precious metal it is significantly more expensive than an everyday metal like steel. Which is one of the reasons jewelry is made from 925 silver alloy rather than pure silver.
Want your chain to last as long as possible? Steel is dramatically stronger and more durable than any precious metal that exists. Which is why it's used in construction.

Silver Pros

  • Precious Metal

  • Extremely attractive finish

  • Very glossy

  • Can be molded/altered easy

  • Gets a natural patina over time

Steel Pros

  • Chromium added to the steel alloy makes it impervious to any form of oxidization or corrosion
  • It will never lose its shine or luster
  • ExtremeĀ durability and hardness
  • Will not tarnish
  • "Mirror like" shiny finish

Silver Cons

  • Silver will tarnish
  • Requires delicate maintenanceĀ ļ»æ
  • It will get dented easily

Steel Cons

  • Extremely difficult to resize or adjust
  • Someone with high sensitivity reactions to nickel may react, even to surgical grade stainless steel


The choice ultimately comes down to preference.
Here are some important question we feel you should reflect on when making your choice.
How often will I wear it?
What's my budget?
Am I willingĀ to spend time cleaning it?
Do I have any any specific appearance preferences?


Still Can't Make Up Your Mind???

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Silver Chains Canada is fully aware that you might get bored with the same chain, or find they are too limited with a single style or material. That's why we offer an incredible deal that you can't find anywhere else.

Buy any 2 chains, any style, any material and immediately get 25% off a third chain.Ā (You literally can't find that deal anywhere else.)

This means you don't have to really choose between sterling silver, or steel. Why not have both and save money at the same time. Throw in another style and you can rotate day to day, with difference outfits, on different occasions and never get bored.Ā 

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